Harrisons Auction Centre

Harrison Auction Centre


For buyers wishing to purchase at the auction, we have just the pieces you are looking for.


We have hundreds of lots on offer, including:

  • Antiques
  • Retro and quality modern furniture
  • Collectibles, white goods, military items, ephemera, vehicles, jewellery of precious metals, quality porcelain and glassware, bygones and curios, house clearance and deceased estate goods - and much more. You will find almost anything!


19% commission + VAT over £6. (fixed £1 + vat below £6) buyers premium



At Harrison Auction Centre we cater to sellers too.


As one of the foremost auction house in Peterborough, Lincolnshire and beyond, we can obtain the fairest deal for your valued possessions.


Our expertise will ensure your treasured items get the price they deserve.


We welcome your items for appraisal and inclusion in the auction on Mondays and Tuesdays only.


£2 per lot lotting fee. 19% commission + VAT

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