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Valuations For Auction

Our visits to value your items are always free of charge. Harrison Auction Centre prides itself on producing fair valuations for our clients items.

We will research any items that we cannot instantly value.

You can also bring your items to us at the auction house except on Saturdays and Sundays.



Valuations For Insurance

It is important to provide your insurers with an accurate written valuation to obtain the most suitable cover for your items and to make sure that you are neither over nor under-insured. Following our valuer's visit to your premises to view the items to be insured, (or having viewed them at our premises), we will provide you with a typed valuation report. This will contain a full description of each item, the basis of the valuation and its suggested reinstatement value for insurance purposes. Two copies of the final report will be dispatched to you. 

Cost of insurance valuation (Approx): £80 + VAT per visit.

Valuation To Probate

Valuations and inventories of home contents (chattels) are extremely useful tools to the executor or trustee of an estate, who may have to identify individual items that have been bequeathed of passed on in Trust to others.

The professional adviser to the estate (usually a solicitor) will advise you if a valuation is required for taxation purposes. Values can be put to individual items or given as an overall figure as appropriate.

Having viewed items to be valued, we will provide you with a valuation report that usually comprises an inventory (with individual items fully described, where necessary) and an overall total for probate purposes. Two copies of this report will be provided to you and/or your solicitors.


Cost of probate valuation (Approx): From £180 + VAT per visit.

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