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Getting you the best deal
As one of the best auctions houses in Spalding and the surrounding area, we are committed to ensuring a fair deal for all our sellers and buyers. In order to do so, we have created a set of terms and conditions. Please read these carefully, and contact us in Peterborough if you have any questions.


Terms and condition of purchase.
Any item(s) purchased are subject to a 15% commission fee.
Once the hammer has gone down, this is a legally binding agreement of sale. The customer will be requested to pay for all winning bids in full. Once the hammer has gone down that item is then YOUR responsibility.
No item is to be removed until full payment has been received, including the commission fee. Commission fee is subject to VAT.
No item is to be removed until a member of staff has checked the paid invoice.
Any item not paid for in full on the day of the auction must be secured by a deposit of not less than 25% of the winning bid price.
All items must be removed by the close of business on the Monday following the sale (unless agreement has been made prior to the sale)
Any item not collected by the specified time will be re-entered into the next sale and any deposit will be forfeited.
All items included in a lot must be removed. Any items not removed will incur a disposal charge.
Payment is by cash, credit or debit card, bankers draft or cheque with an accompanying guarantee card. Payment by cheque must be within the limit of the guarantee card amount.
All payments must be cleared before removing any goods from the auction centre.
If you are unable to attend the sale, commission bids are accepted, as are telephone bids. These are also legally binding agreements.


Terms and conditions of sale
Any item(s) sold is subject to a 17.5% commission fee.
A Lotting fee of £2.00 per lot will be charged for antique, collectable and general sales.
Vendors can request that goods go into a further sale, but only at a greatly reduced reserve price or none at all. All goods going into a further sale will be charged a further lotting fee.
Any goods not sold after two weeks must be removed from the auction centre by the Wednesday after the sale, otherwise Harrisons Auction Centre reserve the right to sell your goods in the next available sale with no reserve and you will be charged a lotting fee.
Commission and lotting fees and subject to VAT.
Harrisons Auction Centre take no responsibility for any goods lost, stolen, broken or damaged.
A Fixed reserve means that goods will not be sold for less than the stated amount. Otherwise, we will use our discretion to obtain the best price possible. It's the vendors responsibility to ensure that clear and concise written instructions including pricing is provided to Harrisons Auction Centre prior to any sale. Any reserve pricing is to be arranged prior to any sale with Harrisons Auction Centre. If no reserve is required that means that goods can be sold for as little as £1.00. If you leave the pricing to the auctioneers discretion this also means that goods can be sold for as little as £1.00.
All reserve prices must be agreed with the auctioneer.
Harrisons Auction Centre reserve the right to refuse goods not deemed suitable for sale.
Payment for any items sold will be available for collection 10 days following the sale. Payouts on Saturday are available but only by prior arangement. Posted payment by cheque will be made on accounts of £20.00 or more. Any vendor requiring payment by cheque for less than £20.00 will incur charges of £1.50.
Payment will only be made on those items where payment has been received by Harrisons Auction Centre.
Any items to be included in a sale should be delivered to the auction centre before 16:00 on the Wednesday prior to the sale. Any late items may not be included in that weeks sale.

General terms

Any vehicles left on or around the premises are left at the owners own risk. Harrisons Auction Centre are not liable for any damage or theft to such vehicles. Harrisons Auction Centre reserve the right to refuse admittance to any individual.
Anyone caught removing goods without payment will be reported to the police and prosecuted.
Any customer behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave and banned from further sales.
All children under the age of sixteen should be accompanied by an adult at all times and not allowed to cause nuisance to staff or customers.
Harrisons Auction Centre reserves the right to amend/replace or delete any of the above terms and conditions at any time.
Any customer registering items for inclusion in a sale and any customer purchasing from a sale with Harrisons Auction Centre are deemed to agree with the above terms and conditions.


Harrison Auction Centre will post your items to you. Just request postage for internet buyers, click the postage request button at completion of the sale. We do not arrange carrier service for larger items of furniture.
Call us today 01733 211789 or 07765148592
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